Tuesday, 13 May 2014

KUMIKO nearly shelved, then an inspiration...

permission to use?
I nearly shelved plans to write KUMIKO (the third in the G3-whistleblower series after Tandem and Watcher) last night.
I had it in my head that all's I had to do was re-issue both novels spliced together as one, Watcher THEN Tandem, as one book and the story would be told. One half leading (almost) seemlessly into the other.
But then I 'forgot' that what happens at the very end of first book in the series TANDEM i.e. the last chapter, is 'directly relevant' to what happens through second book in the series WATCHER i.e. The Mucon Invasion, and will be an excellent turnaround (again) of the whole G3-whistleblower narrative arc. Phew, that was exhausting. In fact, it's even more complicated than that, and those who've read the last-but-one i.e. Military, chapter of Liberator (free planet #2) will realise how mischievous and cunning my Mucon-merge is going to get.
It's all sorts of on, KUMIKO will be written, sooner rather than later, as I have 'no compelling writer-thrust' to get into Free Planet book 3 (REAPER) even though there are 'ideas on paper', and come Summer I might be hammering the KUMIKO novel out in a few months. Unless I 'change my mind again' like I did with my promise of parallel-writing both Watcher and Reaper.
NB: on the 'cover' front, I still haven't received back Permission To Use this image of a Japanese doll from the Japanese site that was agent'ing that artist's work. I may (reluctantly) have to think of something else for the cover, something more SPACE OPERA-Y...