Monday, 30 June 2014

Kumiko (war world #3) - David Mayer big cat sculpture - Galactic Gambling Game

this particular image has distinct and pre-defined relevance to the WAR WORLD story via the Virago Matching Ceremony or VMC mentioned in the preceding novels Tandem (war world #1) and Watcher (war world #2) but what does it have to do with the Kumiko (war world #3) story? Here's a hint:

G3 == GALACTIC Gambling Game.

Well, you'll have to wait and read, suffice to say, "It might be the opening point for the Kumiko story. The conclusion to the War World trilogy." Confused? I hope 'intrigued' is a more apt descriptor.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

KUMIKO (war world #3) comes first, then Reaper (free planet #3)

inspirational image only
it's the only way it can be.
KUMIKO (war world #3) has become the lighthouse on the foggy beach of Free Planet.
What does this statement-of-intent even mean, what are the implications, what happens next?
Well, first of all, Reaper (free planet #3) is put on hold. It was going to be the next project in the pipeline but it just cannot be. The Free Planet trilogy has become too intertwined with its 'evil twin' the War World trilogy and their inter-dependence has shown its hand now with this Forced Postponement(?) of the final book in one series while the final book in another series supplies potential narrative content for it.

I have pages more notes, chapter beginnings, for Reaper FP3 but the major narrative turnaround of both series (trilogies) will take place in Kumiko WW3. I just know this, it's evident from the arcs. I have a two-page linear timeline snapshot of where Kumiko will go as a story which, as always with the way I write, is open to change but I feel that the reason FOR Free Planet is in the resolution of War World. We might even discover that G3 refers to the Galactic Gambling Game...

Kinda weird, but I'm sure it'll all make sense if I just say this, "I can't write Reaper FP3 until Kumiko WW3 has been written."