Thursday, 24 July 2014

Kumiko (war world #3) cover art by Masao Kinoshita

it is with great delight that I received (this morning) kind permission from Japanese artist/sculptor Masao Kinoshita to use an image of his sculpture Maenad as the cover art of my forthcoming novel Kumiko (war world #3).

Kumiko is, of course, the eponymous heroine in this novel about saving the universe from the ravages of the G3 or Galactic Gambling Game. During the course of the novel, Kumiko goes through some mind-bending changes and I wanted such a cover image to convey just HOW STRANGE these (internal and external) changes might be.

AFTERNOON UPDATE: just had a lovely long jog in the sun, out in the fields in the middle of nowhere, my t-shirt round my waist, tucked into my shorts, and 'received' about a page's worth of NOTES for where the narrative of Kumiko might go. Those of you who read my Planet of the Owls (originally published Silverthought Press NY 2008) will be glad to see the return of the Parliament of Death Angels.

AUGUST 5th UPDATE: kinda getting into the writing of this novel now. I'm currently 4,800 words into it. That's a full first chapter. I also have 4,800 words of itemised notes, that's structure and narrative, to flesh out. Just let me get on with it, okay.