Saturday, 11 April 2015

KUMIKO (war world #3) novel now available - G3 whistleblower series finale.

this weekend is a very special weekend for me, it's the culmination of THREE YEARS of intense and often insane writing effort to resolve the Free Planet vs War World issue.

KUMIKO (the third and concluding novel in the War World series) has been published by Chimericana Books in ebook, kindle and paperback. All formats should be there by the end of this weekend. In the end, it all went rather smoothly. But one imagine you'll wanna know what happened and who won the war.

I'm not even sure who really won, or if the war was worth fighting, you'll have to judge for yourselves how it went. Is this the end of Free Planet vs War World? It feels like it.

Was the conclusion satisfactory or are there still opportunities for more books in the series? How concerned were you that the two series became intimately interconnected? Will you write back and let me know?

KUMIKO, back cover blurb:

Tandem told you all about the conspiracy against Man. 
Watcher showed you how the Glimpsers work to control your Dreams. 
In this third book Kumiko, you'll see the power behind the War World of Profit that enslaves man to debt. 

But who is Kumiko and why is she not like all the others in G3? 

And where is The Bleeding Room? 

And what is GEMing? 
And why did no one ever tell Millgate that his bi-quartered mind wasn't his own? 

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