Sunday, 9 November 2014

Kumiko (war world #3) - forty thousand words - first draft

Well, I guess it's time for another writer update of the Kumiko (war world #3) novel.

Firstly, my (planned) completion of the Reaper (free planet #3) novel went out of the window, and it's still on hold, until I've gone a little further with the (supremely weird and invigorating) Kumiko novel.

Something's happened to the motivational & structural direction of the proposed Kumiko novel and this is an essential tying off of the bleeding arteries in the whole IS THIS A WAR WORLD OR IS THIS A FREE PLANET? issue. I'm going to come out and say it, "You'll not like where Kumiko is going, where the Tandem/Watcher prequels didn't go," in fact, you'll be hyper-disappointed that it turned out this way. But it has to be like this, for a reason.

To show what a dogma-dictated-to species you are, to show how you'll sacrifice your sons and daughters to facilitate the arbitrary ruleset of the War-mongers and the Profit-makers. Only by ruining your expectations of this crucial third wheel in the Tandem/Watcher-inspired trilogy will you see where it all could have gone, had mankind had a spine. Had 'humanity' not been a slave race of dogma-riddle'd sheople.

Secondly, "It all depends on the number of arms a Tandem shares."

Standing total: forty thousand words, and more than a third of that is still 'crib notes' so I have no idea how big it's going to be. I suspect about 69,000 - 100,000 words but who knows? It could all fall apart or I could die before it's finished. Fate's such a cunt like that.

DAYS LATER POST-JOGGING UPDATE: jogging, for me, is a great way to resolve problems, it's very much like the rhythm of dreaming. Left, right, left, right, breath. With dreaming this left-right is the movement of the eyes and the chauffeuring of the dreaming content across the Corpus Callosum or Brain Divide. With jogging, it's the simple act of Staying Alive i.e. Not Dying.

I got some good imagery to do with the White Cat Chamber or Bleeding Room and also a co-conspirator or on-board stowaway who liberates humanity from the enslavement of Space Travel. It'll all make sense eventually.

coming in late 2015...
New total: forty-two thousand words -- still have no idea how long Kumiko will be or whether it has the legs to sustain. To the end. To liberate Free Planet's third part. It's all gotta gel, tie together. Across all worlds. I'm definitely thinking about brining out the Full Trilogies in 2015, once this third part has been published.

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