Thursday, 20 November 2014

Kumiko (war world #3) - truly stunning excerpt from a seriously crazy-mad novel

The current total comprises 46,000 words total consisting of 33,000 words of eight chapter plus 13,000 words of extra notes.

And if you're at all interested, here's a paragraph or two to illustrate the 'feel' of the book as it currently stands, an excerpt that shocked and stunned my co-writer of the BoyFistGirlSuck (erotic horror for the certifiably insane) horror-porn short story collection, Alex Severin - so it's not for the faint-hearted or weak-stomached. You ready?

First of all, there were the Pre-flight Checks. 
Yes, it was just like flying a small aircraft across restricted airspace. She hung there, floated there, was held there in her intense stress-position'd torture space. She was like an over-tightened drum skin at this point. Her bones were regulation-plus-one distance from the cartilage that lubricated them. She was stretched out to her fullest extent. No way could she become any long-lost human wife of girlfriend at this level of body torque. 
The limb of the concealed Glimpser (whom she was yet to meet) had penetrated her primary centre. Internally, yes, but on a terminal level. She died straight away, or it seemed like she did. Maybe she forgot to let the sorrow of her own loss flow through her. Maybe she just didn't even notice. Either way, it was like she died, then un-died. It's very hard to explain how the dimensions of a Chain Dancing faun work. And let's not forget, that's what Kumiko was. 
She blinked out. 
If you were looking right at her you'd say it was a here-today gone-tomorrow kind of moment, being rammed to death by the Death Chrome Flog-dildo Sex Engine. Her head back like the most ferocious orgasm was biting the shit out of her g-spot. Like she'd internally ruptured and would later pull fat handfuls of come out of her lovehole and shove it into her face like Royal Jelly. Like she'd been shat on by the biggest flapping-eared elephant, an arseful of buzzing flies each carrying mange or tsetse or bubonic plague. There are just too many sick and twisted adjectives to apply, like a fat handful of lube, to the utter gore-show of the Engining experience. 
Relax, concentrate on the factual content.

I don't know. I really don't know where this is going to go, or end. But I do think Reaper (free planet #3) needs the back end of Kumiko-content adding to it. I say 'adding to it' because I don't think the Kumiko story (as it's developing) won't contain all the notes or already noted narrative material I want or wanted to include. It's like it's branched off from the many branching potentials of the narrative threads I'd laid down over a brief brainstorming period early last year.

I can migrate a lot of these options into the Reaper novel, very easily. But then I'd have TWO unfinishable novels. Maybe that's my cross to bear -- I usually find a way out of troubles like this. Patience, and writing. That's the answer.

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